• Image of Yellow Gold 2mm White Diamond
  • Image of Yellow Gold 2mm White Diamond

The 2mm White Diamond by Future Primitive is prong set in 14k yellow gold. The Diamond is VS quality. The posts are 18 gauge and made of solid 14k YG or Titanium which come in two lengths; 1/4 and 5/16. The setting has a cup shape which allows the diamond to sit flush with the skin. This piece is sold individually so you can mix and match. This is body jewelry and is suitable for initial piercings.

We always recommend consulting a professional before ordering to insure the right fit. This is "threadless" body jewelry and is meant to be inserted and removed by a local professional.

Diamonds are made entirely of carbon atoms, and formed a hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface through intense heat and pressure. These diamonds are believed to have reached the Earth’s surface through a series of volcanic eruptions between one billion and 100 million years ago.

Can be used in Lobe, Tragus, Conch, Helix, F. Helix, Flat, Nostril, Monrow, Medusa and Labret.

We are currently OUT OF STOCK of YG posts - please order Titanium